paperrobots3By popular demand, I created some downloadable/printable pages for the “paper robots” I’ve been doing with my kids for years. These have proven to be a sanity saver when you really need to the kids to keep busy with something. It has been best when I draw-on-demand. This is fun and a great way to spend “quality” time with the kids, but can be draining with more than a couple kids at once; you can crank them out fast enough.
Depending on the kids collective interests, I’ll create a set of “parts” for assembly. However, they generally fall into a few categories: aliens, robots, monsters, or superheros. As you can see from the pictures, I have drawn them on construction paper and plain printer paper. The construction paper seems to give the kids more to work with; it’s thicker and easier to cut. However, if they want to color the parts before cutting them out, the plain printer paper works best.

Use these pages

To use the pages, simply download the PDF files and print them out on the paper of your choice. Collect the following for the participants:

  • Glue sticks
  • Magic tape
  • Scissors
  • Markers/crayons
  • Blank sheets of paper on which to glue their creations

If they want to color the parts, do it before cutting them out — speaking from experience here. Let the kids cut out the parts, then they can attach the heads, legs, etc. any which way they want.

© 2014 Dave Horan
Paper robot parts

The Downloadable Pages

If you like them, comment below or contact me! If you have ideas for another series, let me know.

 Additional Ideas

Magnet sheets

If you like these, but wanted something to reuse, here is an option. For about $10, Avery makes printable magnet paper. You can print the parts on the magnet paper, have the kids cut out the parts, then arrange and re-arrange the parts on the refrigerator or other steel surface.

Sticker pages

Another option is to print these on full-sheet label pages. Get some here to try it out with. Like the magnet paper, the boxes run about $10 each. Again, if they want to color the parts, do it before cutting them out. Once cut out, it may require some adult hands to separate the backing from the labels. Also, these will stick well, so re-sticking doesn’t generally work. So, parents, this means this is not the best way to end the playtime with cranky kids. However, for kids in the sticker-everything phase, this is great and well worth the investment in the label paper.
 Update 3/7/14
For those looking for products to do this with the kids, but don’t have the time to find them individually at the store, here is a sample of the items used so you can order them online.

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