Zurb Foundation for Emails

2016-07-11 17_35_26-Foundation for Emails _ A Responsive Email Framework from ZURBAfter getting into a project to create several HTML emails from designer-provided PSD files, I have a new respect for the intracacies (read as “quirks”) of creating these files. As someone who is used to creating things using modern web tools, it was a shock that in order to create an email that is compatible with the majority of email clients, you need to do crazy things like inlined styles and nested tables! However, I found a secret weapon for this: Zurb Foundation for Emails.
I’ve started a video series to share my learning of this tool, in the hopes that it will save other developers time a grief in the creation of these email monstrosities.

In this first video, we install the Zurb Stack. This tool stack will structure and automate the process for creating these emails using tools like Node.js, Gulp, SASS, BrowserSync, and more. Links for these tools are in the video description.

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