Basic Fantasy Paper Role Playing Game

If you are into old skool paper role playing games, you’ll like this post. Many of my friends are into gaming, and although the latest video games a truly immersive, they won’t have the flexibility, interaction, and plain fun that comes with sitting at a table with friends and playing a game with some drinks. Further, these paper games have no predictable “cheat codes” unless you consider bringing the game master’s favorite drink to the game a cheat.
Game developer Chris Gonnerman and his team of contributors have created a great open source gaming set in the form of the Basic Fantasy Role Playing Game. This system is not just another set of rules, but a fully fleshed-out game system complete with core rules, expansions, and adventure modules.
These books, including separate color covers, are available for free download or can be ordered as a printed hardcover book at cost. All of the items are available as PDF documents. However, building on the open-source theme, many of the supplements, game master screens, and calculation aids are also available in OpenOffice/LibreOffice format for editing. This is great for creating your own content based on the original templates.

The have a Showcase Page listing all the contributions to the system that are available for download. The Downloads page, in addition to the core game materials, contains character sheets and even printable hex pages for map making. To speed up the process for preparing for a game, the site has a Tool section containing online tools for things like character generation, treasure generators, and even dungeon creation.

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