Bullet Journal System

If you like pens and paper, you probably try your best to bridge the gap between the electonic and paper world. However, some aspects of the tech so help… albeit not as fast as you can jot a note in a notebook. The problem is, unless you have a SYSTEM to keep track of all this, you never know where you put that note? Is it in my iCal, Evernote, a notebook (which one?), or in a document or email somewhere… it’s a problem.

Example Bullet List

Ryder Carroll created Bullet Journal to put a system in place to help use his notebook for it all. Unlike the GTD system created by David Allen, this is not a complete paper-sorting type process, but rather a consistent way to use the simple pages in a notebook to keep yourself on task. I found that I used my own variant of this with my to-do list for some time, but this extended the process for a complete task/event/notes system and ties it all together.
The fact that it is all tied together does not mean an all-or-nothing process. After comparing the process to my own (which is VERY loose), I found that I could adopt parts of this for my use and discard things like the calendar as I manage this mostly online with electronic reminders.
Here is a video that Carroll did describing the system:

As this does seem modular, it’s no surprise that there are people adapting system to their own ends. Here is a video by YouTube user Miriam Twinklewit. This system is interesting in that there are three distinct notebooks within one cover, each with it’s own purpose.

If you are looking to get better organized heading into Spring, take a look at bulletjournal.com and check out these videos (and others) online.