Maxfield Parrish Clouds

EcstasyRecently I was driving home and saw what I immediately thought of as “Maxfield Parrish Clouds”. I have always been stunned how this artist was able to capture the 3D inner glow of clouds, and his ability to use light and shadow in a painting; they all seem to have a magical quality. There is one hanging in the Eastman Theater in Rochester, NY that always caught my eye.
This reminded me that there are may of his works available as prints that I could get as a constant reminder of what can be done with the simple tools of paints and brushes.  Check out this one at AllPosters.

1 thought on “Maxfield Parrish Clouds”

  1. I love it that these are wall decals! I need to get one, although it would probably be “Daybreak” instead, as I once had a dream about that one.

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