Baron Fig Confidant Notebook

Baron Fig Confidant notebookWhen I had a chance to review the new Confidant notebook from Baron Fig, I jumped at the chance. This NYC startup has collected the thoughts and ideas of many users to create one notebook for them all. Meet the soon-to-be released Confidant notebook.
Taking their name from the Greek gods Apollo and Dionysus, Baron representing the disciplined Apollo-like left-brain and Fig representing the more creative right-brained Dionysus, they are working to create a line of products that will suit both the logical thinker/planner as well as the creative artist types.
The new Confidant notebook is the first in their line of products, and it looks like they are off to great start. As you can see from the gallery below, the first thing I noticed was the packaging. Not coming in the standard celo-wrapping, it is presented in a solid box that puts it in a higher class than a standard Molskine.
There cover is a gray cloth. I’m usually not a fan of cloth covered books, as they tend to show wear more easily, but the color and texture of the cloth make it feel more like a real book than a notebook. This is the kind of notebook you keep long after filling it with your thoughts.
Like many notebooks of this type, it has a bookmark. In this case it’s a bright yellow-gold color and thick enough it won’t rip. On the ripping note, lets talk about the binding. The notebook itself is about 1/2′ thick with 192 pages. The the stitch binding is specifically setup so even at this thickness it will still lay flat, something many writers complain about with other notebooks. The coverstock also feels think enough to give the notebook some heft, perhaps lending to some better durability.
The paper is high quality acid-free with a fine finish, making it great for pens. As you can see from the image gallery, I tried it with several pens and a pencil. The pens flowed very well, and although I thought the paper would not “grab” pencil lead, I was pleased to see how it worked with a standard wood #2 pencil. The pages come in plain, ruled, or my new favorite dot grid. The size of the pages also makes feel a little more roomy than most notebooks in it’s class.
With pricing to be released via their web store on March 4th, this is great notebook — and company — to watch. Find out more at
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