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Ghost Blogging Platform FeaturesThere is a new game in town, that aims to bring blogging back to its roots. Ghost is a node.js server-side application that is geared to make blogging slick and simple. While WordPress is still a dominant force in the world of blogging, it has become much more than the blogger-focused tool it started out as. With so many plugins and other application enhancements, it has become a fully fledged content management system (CMS).
While implementing a blog is a relatively easy task with WordPress, the sheer volume of options and plugins that made it to the go-to app have now added to the overall complexity of the product. This is not to say WordPress is bad by any stretch, but it may be overkill for a content-centric blog that many are looking for.
Ghost MobileFormatting of content across devices is also an issue. WordPress has been around long enough to have seen the rise of mobile devices emerge, and it had had to adapt. However, it cannot leave the old system and design themes in the dust. Ghost was created at a time when mobile was at the forefront, and it shows. The slick design, available across all mediums, is a viewing pleasure. Even more impressive is it’s ability to allow a richer content creation experience across devices. A perfect example of this is its split screen editing scheme, with markdown text on the left, and live previewing of content on the right.
Ghost is in it’s infancy now, and is one of the new tools to watch. Although based on the popular node.js platform, it is not yet supported by some of the popular node.js app hosting companies. I expect this to change in the near future as node.js, and Ghost, take a bite out of the blogging niche.
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  1. Dave this is a great article! We can see great opportunities at Fig Leaf Software for enterprises to utilize Ghost blogging, especially government agencies who have large numbers of distributed subject matter experts who want to publish content.
    The ability for enterprises to create their own custom themes and allow easy mobile publishing is attractive. This is something we can also share with our students who participate in our NodeJS Training.

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