Mobile email graphic

The people at have put together a nice infographic on mobile email marketing. One would assume that email would just “work”, but with all the graphics and other interactive gadgets companies throw in, there are bound to be problems. This can expecially true for image-heavy catalog sites with email campaigns; the image rendering from these emails can be downright obnoxious on many devices.

Mobile Email Infographic
Mobile Email Infographic

If you are thinking “so what”, then you may not be one of the cited 73% of mobile users in the USA that checks their email on a mobile device daily. Text emails are ok, but in this age of distraction, the idea of sales letter copy in an email is only marginally effective; people will just skim — then delete. Images will catch the eye, engage the user, and pull them into the limited text you provide.
Based on the infographic, the piece of text that does make a major difference is the email subject line. This is cited at the biggest reason people will read the email on their mobile device (rather than waiting until they get to their desk.) Once you get them hooked…you need to images and such to keep them engaged.
Take a look at the infographic and comment with your thoughts.