New Moleskine Professional

As many know, I have a thing for pens and notebooks. I collect them, use them, drool over them, wander art stores… it’s a problem. So, if you are like me, you’re be excited to know that Moleskine release a new “professional” notebook line that has pre-ruled pages. These are designed for the structured capture of notes into three regions of the page.
There is a top section for main notes, although I find it more useful for meeting information than main notes. A middle section for the detailed notes, and a sidebar section for actions. This could almost be used for a Cornell style notetaking system for those so inclined.
YouTube user Mark Brett posted a good review of the notebook here:

I’m still on the fence with this one as I like to switch between how I take notes within one notebook; I switch between sketches and text notes frequently. This is drawing me into the dot-grid format now in use for some of the newer notebooks like the Evernote-enabled ones.┬áSo, I’ll have to try them out to see. Check out the Moleskine Pro for yourself.